MATT & KAREN WASHUT      13721 W. WARREN DR.      406-656-3127

"Tom was very thorough, very knowledgeable. Tom is very friendly and easy going, yet very professional and dedicated to his career as a real estate agent. Tom has a way of making you feel that you're his only business. Although he is very busy, you get very personal service. I appreciated Tom explaining things in terms we could understand. I would recommend Tom to anyone if they want the best - because he is!!

 KEVIN & NANCY ANDERSON      11682 W. LAYTON DR.      971-0154

" Tom's professional manner, attentiveness to our needs, vast knowledge of the Real Estate industry and genuine concern / willingness in helping us find a home suitable to our needs. His always cheerful disposition is just one of his many accolades."

 RAY & SARA KENNEDY      7260 W. 34TH AVE.      234-0694

"Tom was very helpful to us. He got us answers to many questions. Appointments with him were always on schedule. He always went the extra mile to be of help."

 TOM SCHEERER      3745 CHASE ST.      431-2750

"Tom is energetic and exciting to work with - He listens well and is prompt."

 GENE & MARDI CAMPBELL      3792 E. 114TH DR.      255-3213

"He is not judgemental, he is available and supportive. He is an excellent Real Estate professional. Thank you for your professional expertise, respect, caring skills and patience."

 SCOTT & AMBER VARNEY      2621 EUDORA ST.      280-0224

"He worked with us about what we wanted and needed. It felt like he was open and honest about explaining our options to us. His explanations of things we didn't understand was very clear. He did a great job of keeping us up to date on our status. I would definitely recommend him to anyone trying to buy or sell a home."

 ERIC & TAMMY MARBLE      477 ELDRIDGE CT.      215-1724

"Tom made buying a home an understandable and bearable process. So often, we sign documents or do things that we don't understand. Tom took the time to explain things in an understandable way."

 PHYLLIS METTNER      8137 W. VIRGINIA AVE.     914-9034

"Very professional and well informed; nice looking and congenial. Tom listens to ideas and preferences and is most cooperative."


"Tom is a hard-working agent and kept in touch with me at all times. I appreciated his knowledge in the business and his courtesy."

 WAYNE SCOFIELD      12455 W. ALAMEDA DR.      757-5661

"Energetic, committed, professional, knowledgeable, easy to talk to."

 KAREN KELLY      846 S. VANCE      988-0480

"Great approach and follow through. Totally professional while at the same time personable and terrific to work with."

 LINDA SIPOS & JAY CALLEN      190 S. BENTON & 6203 E. 123RD AVE.      270-6758

"Tom always kept us up to date and in contact with what's going on - and the many different ways to market our home. Thanks for all your help!"

 JERRY & BETTY FRANCISCO      1915 S. BALSAM ST.      980-9930

"We greatly appreciated Tom's courtesy, sincerity, honesty and patience. He really listened to us and was very considerate of our needs. Also enjoyed his good sense of humor. If we can ever send you any business, we will!"

 MIKE MCDERMOTT AND DENISE ENO      6175 N. ESTES      432-8699

"Tom was knowledgeable and helpful. He worked with us as we saw more houses and our "wish list" changed. He stayed on top of new listings and never lost sight of what we were looking for. Plus, we had fun! We would recommend Tom to our friends."

 DAVID JACOWAY      12037 W. NEW MEXICO AVE.      985-9859

"Friendly, no pressure. Tom did a lot of previewing of properties."

 DAVE STOLL      1688 MONACO PARKWAY      399-5788

"Open, friendly, and honest. I believe that he had my best interest at heart."

 JO & BILL DOZIER      12037 W. NEW MEXICO AVE.      989-5404

"Tom is really knowledgeable and explains things very clearly. He is very prompt in returning calls and keeping you posted about each step that happens. He is friendly, relaxed and professional. We would use Tom again and will recommend him in the future to our friends."

 YANCY & CINDY WARNOCK      4350 E. 109TH. AVE.      254-4588

"Tom was a true professional. He guided us through the home buying process with great care. He kept us informed through each step and spent as much time as was necessary for us to find what we were looking for."

 LEONARD & JOYCE WEBER      2116 S. ZEPHYR ST.      970-622-0933

"Tom was very detailed & precise. I enjoyed working with him as I felt confident he would handle all the particular's."

 LLOYD UNFRED      7297 S. ACOMA ST.      303-804-5639

"Tom did exactly what was expected of him throughout the process. He is a hard worker, that is what I like in a salesperson."

 HELEN PLUMMER      2055 EATON ST.      202-6002

"He was efficient; handled financing and stayed with me until the completion of the sale. Tom is a true professional."

 MEL & ROSE VALERIO      12533 W. ILIFF AVE.      505-751-0289

" Throughout the entire process Tom was open, extremely honest and yet very professional. I would highly recommend Tom. We were extremely pleased with the services he provided us."

 ELLEN MOORE      12524 W. ILIFF AVE.      456-9680

"I like Tom's honesty and frankness. I was able to get the fairest deal possible."

 GLORIA & ED HOLLOP      12841 W. WARREN      407-259-5252

"Thanks Tom! Working with you was a very good experience. We highly recommend you to our friends. Tom was knowledgeable, professional and helpful. He understands the stress involved in selling a home and responded immediately to any messages."

 DORIS & LLOYD PETIE      12453 W. LOUISIANA AVE.      612-636-3823

"Well organized, straight-talking, fast, efficient and well designed marketing approach."

 SALLY & PETE MCINTIRE      5003 S. IRIS      995-2180

"You went way beyond the "call of duty" . . . we were grateful - Thanks!"

 PHIL WHITENER      9050 W. 49TH PL.      463-8557

"He made the process of buying a home a simple one, with very few headaches. I was always well informed of what was going on during the entire process. I would definitely seek his expertise in any future real estate matter."

 JEFF SIPES      4418 S. ALKIRE ST.      948-5767

"Tom was very focused on finding a home that I would like, not just what was available. We did not waste time looking at places that I would never consider purchasing."

 BERNIE FELIX      871 S. YOUNGFIELD CT.      719-275-1321

"Tom was very professional. He lived up to his promises. I like his selling points and all the extra additions he did. He helped the other agents do a better job of showing our property."

 KIM PRATT      8060 W. 9TH AVE.      #222 462-4310

"Tom was very honest - he listened to what I wanted and that was important for me for my first house. I will not hesitate to use Tom again."

 NORM SUTTON      14223 W. 1ST DR.      216-1080

"I liked working with Tom because his professionalism and advise throughout my house buying."

 GENE WHITNEY      2714 S. KLINE CR.      989-5421

"Tom's completely competent, but not pushy. He never tried to hurry us or convince us to buy something. He helped us to define our needs and our wants and to find the right place for us. We were quite pleased and would use Tom again!"

 ALISON COLLIER      459 E. HIGHLINE CR.      734-4532

"He gave me straight answers, and helped me look at all the options. Tom was patient, prompt, etc. He is a good person - genuine."

 MARIE COSTA & YON REGAN      12255 W. OHIO PL.      221-3593

"We originally planned on selling & buying on our own, without involving a realtor if we could help it. Now we can't imagine puling it off without Tom's knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm, persistence, and most of all his unflagging good humor."

 LANCE & CINDY KING      10883 CONNECTICUT AVE.      988-9557

"Tom is extremely easy to work with and get along with. He is also extremely knowledgeable about the Green Mtn. area, which makes him a valuable resource."

 RICK & SHIRLEY BRODE      8732 W. STANFORD AVE.      979-3324

"Tom is helpful with information but isn't a "pushy salesman". He is honest and sticks to his word. He was really flexible."

 PHIL RIEPMA      4430 JAY ST. #B      422-6961

"Tom had dedication to our goals; was willing to meet with us at odd hours and had a sincere, honest approach. It was a good experience at both ends (buying and selling). We'll call again when it's time to sell and buy a new home."

GARY & SANDI HOFFMAN      12282 W. TENNESSEE PL.      732-4906

"Tom treated us like friends while being very professional and thorough throughout the entire selling process. He did what needed to be done and always responded to any concerns or needs immediately."

 BEN & SANDY SPRINGBORN      13588 W. VIRGINIA DR.      914-0894

"We felt confident in Tom's ability to handle all the details. We especially liked his honesty and integrity in getting the job done!"

 CAROLYN & MIKE PIRO      13824 W. AMHERST WY.      763-9091

"Thanks for all your help. We really appreciated your responsiveness to all our real estate needs - both when we lived in Washington and after we arrived in Colorado. You were very thorough, a great negotiator and fun to work with."

 JOHN REITZ      P.O. BOX 141       316-289-4747

"He's really on the ball. Tom is very responsible, consciences, and informative. We could really trust him and he was good on his word."


"He walked me through the process and helped me prioritize my wants and needs. We kept in constant communication - even though I was not in Colorado most of the time! As an out-of-state buyer, I could not hope to find a better Realtor!"

 JIM CLAYTON      1960 DENVER WEST DR. #625      216-0168

"I liked working with Tom because of his honesty, promptness, courtesy, thoroughness, and professionalism."

 FRANK & JACKIE MARTINAC      2469 S. ELDRIDGE ST.      914-9373

"Tom is a regular guy, and also a very professional real estate agent."

 HOLLY WEI & YINONG KONG      16528 W. ELLSWORTH DR.      384-3456

"It has been a great and pleasant experience working with Tom. Tom was honest, knowledgeable and skilled in real estate. We liked his approach to customers; he always offers his perspectives and different scenarios but never pushed."

 LISA BROUSSARD & DAVE PASHAM      4859 S. SWADLEY      720-981-9832

"Tom is very hard working, honest, and trustworthy. What we liked most was his thinking outside of the envelope and his ability to present different options. He has a great sense of humor and was alot of fun to work with."

 DONALD BOCK      2675 S. IRIS ST.      985-7641

“I liked Tom’s responsiveness; including getting back to me – (usually) quickly. Also his explaining things, willingness to deal with detail, and telling me exactly what I needed to do to my house to make it more marketable. I also liked his moving quickly on my offer on a new home and generally making me feel a sense of trust and safety.”


"Tom was very cordial; patient; a good communicator; returned calls promptly, and was interested in finding a home for us that suited our needs. We would enthusiastically recommend Tom to others when buying or selling a home!"


"We enjoyed working with Tom very much and appreciated him never pushing us into making a decision. He was very helpful and was always accommodating to us in this very tight market. We would recommend Tom to anyone looking for a home."

JANET & GENE HESTERWERTH      12289 W. DAKOTA       987-2661

"Tom is very professional, pleasant, straight-forward, and easy to converse with. He is very patient in answering all questions. I'd recommend him whole-heartedly."

 ALAN & KIM GONZALES       3750 W. UNION AVE.      798-4479

"Tom did everything we asked him to do. He was excellent. He treated us like family. Selling and buying were both a painless experience. Thanks Tom! ,for everything!

 JIM TOBIN & ANGEL HENDERSON       1779 S. LEE ST. #D      989-8379

"The time and patience you took explaining and helping us understand how this was to fall together was very much appreciated. Thank you for helping our dreams become a reality. If opportunity arises we will gladly refer you."

 RICK JANES      4370 OLD WINDMILL WAY       814-5852

"Tom paid attention to detail, gave sound advice, and had an understanding of what we were looking for. As soon as our offer was accepted Tom had a detailed plan to painlessly complete our closing. He did follow through with attention to detail. He was outstanding! I would (and have) recommend Tom as an agent. His understanding of his customers and orchestration of real estate transactions are nothing short of excellent!"

 KIM & GARY FOUST      2346 S. DEVINNEY ST.       303-980-8553

“Tom was very helpful, realistic, had extreme patience, a great sense of humor, and was available when needed. Tom was wonderful! We will recommend him in the future.”

 DEBBY VAN DORIN      1944 S. WARD CT.       303-980-4244

“Tom was honest and straight forward. He was easy to get ahold of when needed.”

 SUSAN & J.R. ROOKSTOOL       6819 S. WEBSTER ST., #E      720-922-8808

“We liked Tom’s upbeat, friendly, and cheerful attitude. Tom paid close attention to what we wanted and found the perfect place. We especially appreciated Tom’s professionalism – he did what he said he would – and in the allocated time frame. Tom often went the extra mile; informing us on developments and following up on issues that were outside his scope of services.”

 DEBRA WIGGENS       505 SUNDOWN       720-542-1213

“Everything! That’s what I liked about working with Tom. He is knowledgeable and helpful. He made selling and buying painless. It was a real pleasure to work with Tom.”

 ALISA & SCOTT ROLFE      1630 S. DEFRAME ST. #B2      303-984-4866

“Great personality; worked very hard for a basic sale. He made us feel as if we were the most important clients. We’ll use him again when we sell.”

 CHARLES STONE      1255 COPPER AVE.      970-667-9276

“Tom was very knowledgeable and thorough in his analysis of property values and sales in the vicinity of the home for sale. His brochure and description was excellent. I would definitely recommend Tom as a real estate agent.”


“Tom was personable, aggressive, honest, and prepared. He did a background check on other properties and priced our home to sell.”

 CHARLES & LINDA CRISS      2839 S. ELDRIDGE CT.      972-463-4218

“Efficient, no-nonsense, got the job done! Offered good advice on preparing the home for sale. Personable and easy to work with. Made the sale of our home hassle-free.”

 KAREN L. KRENGEL      589 S. XENON CT.      303-716-2894

“Tom is very easy going, down-to-earth, and candid which makes him easy to communicate with. His objective, practical, and thorough methods make him very professional. He will be my realtor for life and I will recommend him to everyone I know.”

 OMMIS & SUSAN BETANCOURT     3901 W. RUTGERS PL.     303-703-1620

“He was always straight-forward in answering our questions. He never pressured to sell us anything; just explained things in plain English. When we are ready to sell our house, we will definitely ‘Talk to Tom” again!”

 CHRIS & EMILY CONLEY     3819 W. SERAMONTE      303763-4997

“Tom was honest and very timely on call backs. He was easy going and great to work with. Thanks for everything!”


“Tom was very tuned in to our wants/needs in houses. The inspector Tom recommended was very thorough.”

 CLETE MAGES      12197 W. OHIO DR.     303-985-3698

“Tom works hard to prevent mistakes – even to the extent of checking the accuracy of the buyer’s agent performance. He helped us to obtain the maximum price the market would allow. I will contact Tom when I need a real estate agent again.”

 HERNON RIVERA      10505 MADISON ST.      303 457-3935

“I liked working with Tom because of his professionalism in the sales process. He was very patient during the two to three months we were looking for our house. He understood our needs and got very good options to share with us.”

 KIM PRATT       7942 CHASE CR. #117      303 657-3270

“Tom kept me informed and explained everything in full detail.”

 ANTHONY RITCHIE      11407 W. 59TH. AVE.      303 463-7821

“Tom is straight forward, no-nonsense, dependable, and thorough. He made every effort to cover all the bases when it came to buying a home.”

 SHAWN DAVIS      2457 S.HOLMAN CR.      319-366-2084

“Tom had a concise marketing plan. He was courteous and professional in his customer service and follow through. His referrals were professional and trustworthy.”

 CLETUS “CLETE” MAGES      12197 W. OHIO DR.      303985-3698

“Without a doubt, Tom’s thoroughness and dependability is why I like working with Tom. Papers are done accurately the first time; follow-ups are frequent; and his pricing is done accurately based on detailed research.”

 LARRY KYSAR      3818 E. MALLARD DR.      303-346-5692

“I liked working with Tom because he stayed after it; even looking at 15 or 16 properties a day. Also he was always pleasant and easy to be around. Tom is a diligent, hard worker. We were able to buy a property with a great location and one we really like!”

 MIKE STAUB      12368 W. ARIZONA AVE.      303-985-4962

“We liked working with Tom because he did what he said he would do and was available when we needed him. He was pleasant and friendly. Tom also gave accurate advice, so overall it was a very good experience!”

 PHIL & HOLLY RIEPMA      4296 S. COLE ST.      303-697-5303

“Tom is easy to work with and seems very trustworthy. It’s like having a family member in the business! We appreciate everything he has done for us.”

 CASEY & STEVE LESKO      2366 S. ELDRIDGE CT. & 12741 W. ATLANTIC AV.          949-759-8954

“You kept me updated and informed throughout the whole process. I never had to wonder if you were working for me. I’ve bought and sold a lot of real estate. This is the first time I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth from an agent!”

 JANE HUNTER      2457 S. ELDRIDGE CT.      303-485-8880

“Tom was very helpful with guidance and made it effortless from a remote site. Since I travel 100% of the time, 90% of the sale was handled via fax and phone.”

 FRED & KATHLEEN       TURILLI 5926 S. JELLISON ST.       303-987-3292

“We would never have to worry; Tom would catch every little clause in a contract. Everything was handled completely to our satisfaction in all areas. Always, always, always returned our phone calls. There would be nothing we would want him to change!”

 SUE WHITNEY      1045 S. ALKIRE ST.     303-989-5421

“I aapreciate Tom’s professionalism as well as sensitivity to my desires and needs in real estate. Tom’s knowledge of pricing a home; his timeline, and finding a home that I really like were of great help. He knows his business very well, keeps in touch, is honest, and is great to work with. I recommend him highly.”

 NEIL TUBBS      3854 MINERS CANDLE PL.      303-663-1775

“We liked Tom’s experience and attention to detail. Throughout our selling and buying process Tom was always available and followed up on issues quickly. He always worked with our best interests in mind. We have worked with Tom on 3 separate transactions in the past and will definitely call him again in the future.”

 JAY WORTH      381 S. ESTES #3     720-220-9925

“Stayed on top of and kept me informed/educated about every step in the process, from initial bid through closing day. Very professional and personable. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

 GARY & MELANIE MAGES      854 S. NELSON WY.      303-986-5602

“Thoroughness in reviewing contracts, bids, etc. to make sure everything is properly prepared. Also, very organized and his professionalism. I think he goes the extra mile for his clients in finding the right place and selling property.

 JEAN & JIM PENNINGTON      13701 W. WARREN DR.     303-987-0997

“Tom’s marketing approach and his personality made him number one. We would highly recommend Tom to our friends. He is very organized and a good communicator. “World Class” realtor, he is easy to work with.”

 JIM & ANGEL TOBIN      9397 W. NICHOLS PL.       303-989-8379

"Tom is very easy going and explains things well. Nothing could be improved. We liked the process and knew what to expect. Very good experience. Thanks Tom, we love our house!"

 URSULA ILLIG       8770 WILDRYE CR.      303-690-2960

“Tom pre-screened houses; was honest and focused. He was very patient. He took the time to identify what I was looking for. He went with the flow when I changed focus and location.”

 HARRY R. MOSSEY Jr.      13329 W.WARREN AVE.      303-988-3328

“Tom clearly explained his market strategy, suggestions to expedite our sale, and also did research on the sales of properties in our area and selling prices. He always kept us informed of the progress and outlook. Tom did an excellent job and I would definitely use him again if needed and would recommend him to my friends.”

 PAULA LUNDQUIST       452 S. ROBB WAY      303-480-9760

“Tom thoroughly explained his selling philosophy and the steps from listing to closing. He knew the area and did his homework in preparation for pricing. When the buyers’ initial financing fell through, Tom calmly persisted until a solution could be crafted. Several homes near my brothers were on the market before, and remained unsold for some time after we closed our sale. Tom promised to sell the house quickly for a fair price, and he delivered!”

 RON AND JILL MODESITT      2164 S. ZANG WY.      303-485-3887

“Tom is thorough and very detail oriented. He has a process for selling real estate that works well and has no surprises.

 CAREY ULIBARRI      2879 W. LONG CIR #E      303-619-5871

“I liked working with Tom because he was up front about things. We worked well together. I would work with Tom again if I was going to sell or buy.”

 DAVID BARNKOW      12919 W. MONTANA DR.      303-985-8910

“I liked Tom’s proactive effort prior to listing the property on the MLS. I liked his reminders to keep the house ‘show ready’.” All my experiences with Tom’s referrals were very positive.”

 WILLIAM & KATHY HALL      10830 W. EVANS #22      303-985-4051

“Tom is very professional and knowledgeable. He has great ideas and keeps action focused. He is very dedicated and has a comfortable presence. We have very positive memories of working with Tom. He drives himself to achievement. We would love to work with Tom again, and are anxious to do so!”

 DAVID & RUTH STRODTMAN      12029 W. CAROLINA DR.      303-985-3581

“Tom was honest, straightforward, and based his decisions on “fact” not “fiction”. Tom made good recommendations so that we could make good decisions. Tom made selling our home a positive experience and was a pleasure to do business with.”

 DIANE K. WHITE      1004 BENNETT AVE.      303-257-0382

“I liked working with Tom because of his efficiency; frankness; timeliness; punctual response; approach to marketing, and his business demeanor. My experiences with Tom’s referrals were very satisfactory.”

 RICHARD BENNETT      12954 W. ILIFF AVE.      661-303-1592

“Tom made an extra effort to point out value in the house sold. Tom also handled every detail off the sale – it made it easy for me.”

 LORRIE HEITMANN      2001 S. BALSAM ST.       928-680-4946

“Tom listened to what I wanted in terms of price for my home. He got a solid contract from a buyer and made arrangements of dates (appraisal, etc.). His advice on current market trend was excellent. It is hard to make suggestions to already excellent service. I really liked his video’s and suggestions on improving the “look” of my home. He also provided a good buffer between myself and buyer agents.”

 PAUL & LEIGH JESAITIS      2649 S. NEWCOMBE ST.      303-716-3034

“It has been a pleasure working with Tom.”

 CATHERINE & TRAVIS JOHNSON      2337 S. HOLMAN CIRCLE      303-989-6098

“Tom was extremely diligent about updating us about all activity at our property and the state of the market. Tom’s knowledge of the market helped to calm our jitters during this stressful process. I can’t imagine how Tom could do any better to improve his service!”

 CAROLYN AND JEFF GREEN      12248 W. ARIZONA AV.      303-988-7103

“Knowledgable, personable, easy to get in touch with, suggested a pre-inspection and viewing of market competition.

 ELTON AND DONNA WEEDEN      1405 S. BALSAM CT.       303-985-1369

“It was a pleasure working with Tom. He kept us well informed and returned phone calls promptly. He worked very hard for us and was able to get a difficult property sold in reasonable amount of time. We can’t thank you enough for a very satisfying experience.”

 FRED & JUDIE EIDSON      10930 W. FLORIDA AVE.      303-989-2871

“We liked working with Tom because of his honesty, research based approach, and all his efforts to promote and sell our condo at a fair price. We liked his positive but realistic attitude. Tom is an excellent listener and very available for questions and concerns. He gave very good guidance without undue pressure. It was a very good experience working with Tom. We have no ideas for improvement for Tom. We would highly recommend Tom to other people who are selling or buying property.”

 MARY ANN STONE      1415 ASH ST.      303-321-074

“Your calm demeanor and professionalism held this deal together. You also went up and beyond regarding repair estimates.”

 KEN DODRILL      396 S. QUAIL      303-660-1207

“Tom was very professional and worked hard to make the deal work.”

 DAN HUFF      13245 W. UTAH AVE.      903-785-3900

“Tom paid excellent attention to detail with never a hint of pressure on us to make or change decisions. He did a realistic market analysis and predictions. He calculated proceed estimates accurately – almost to the penny. He had interesting perspectives on the current status of local/regional real estate and finance. I honestly could not imagine that any improvements could be made.”

 ROBERT & CHARLA GREEN      2302 S. FIG ST.      303-980-5682

“I liked working with Tom because he did exactly what his mission statement says – he produced the quickest sale, at the best price, with the least inconvenience to us. Plus, he supported us with super suggestions and thorough explanations.”


“Detailed, honest, knowledgeable, patient. It was great working with Tom and I would recommend him to friends!”

 ANTON VIRGIL      12538 W. MARYLAND PL.      303-238-8986

“Tom was very informative and kept me up on everything I needed to know.”


“Tom was very professional and motivated.”

 SHAWN MULLEN      7379 S. GORE RANGE RD. #206      303-550-2983

“I liked working with Tom because of his honesty and commitment. I can’t think of how Tom’s service could be any better. He is just too good”.

 BOB & KATHY PATTERSON      12056 W. TEXAS DR.      303-986-1278

“Thanks a million for everything! Tom is very honest and was able to answer all our questions – even the ones regarding the loan process.”

 SAL & LUCY TRUJILLO      11251 W. ARIZONA AVE.      303-522-5123

“Tom is well versed in the real estate business. He is patient and gets things done in a timely manner. If we need a real estate agent again we would call Tom again.”

 JIM & MARY WEILAND      2135 S. ELLIS CT.      303-986-7902

“Tom is a realtor that exhibited absolute honesty, integrity, and professionalism in every aspect of our real estate transaction. We liked working with Tom and his 31 point marketing plan. Reviewing similar properties to determine current market value was helpful. We liked the assistance and advice in making our home “show ready”. Weekly updates on showings were very informative.”

 NATALIE ST. DENIS      552 DEFRAME CT.      303-716-2626

“I liked working with Tom because he does his research and knows the market. There are no false promises or too high expectations. He is real and that’s why we picked him. Very responsive too.”

 KEN & LYNN PLANK      7901 W. NICHOLS AVE.      303-985-4535

“We liked Tom’s confidence and experience. He was candid, so we knew where we stood during the buying/selling process. We felt confident with his suggestions and advice. Tom always took time to talk us through the problems and processes involved with real estate. We learned a lot from him.”

 BILL HANK      1800 VALENTINE      303-980-1849

“I liked working with Tom because he was honest, conscientious, and dependable. He followed through with promises.”

 BOB AND ANGELA COLT      13724 W. AUBURN AVE.      316-708-2658

“Tom had a vast knowledge of the real estate market and gave the best advice for our needs. We communicated what we needed and Tom orchestrated all the details. Staging the home was key for us to sell. Tom advised us of what to do in order move it quickly and for the right price”.

 BILL AND KATHY HALL     9281 W. LOUISIANNA AVE.     303-985-4051

“Tom was pleasant at all times, had an orderly plan and all follow-ups were done”.

LENNA GERWIG     1984 S. XENON ST.     303-988-1206

“Tom provided very informative weekly listing updates and gave suggestions and opinions freely. Very knowledgeable of neighborhood sales status of comparable homes on the market. Thank you for helping us sell my mother’s outdated home.”

JOHN AND PATSY VENEMA     12838 W. ILIFF AVE.     303-238-0107

“Tom kept me informed. Good marketing skills. Brochures and internet site were excellent.”

MARK WOYCIK     2283 S. BEECH WY.     303-838-7968

“Tom did his homework. 1st meeting was at our house to look it over. Then he checked out the comps in the neighborhood and showed us the houses in our range to determine the best price. No other realtor offered to do this. The results were 25 showings in 5 days, 3 offers – accepted a full price offer and closed in 7 weeks. Darn good in this economy.”

TOM AND AMANDA KOEP     4510 VRAIN ST.     303-477-1003

“After a couple times out we got a good feel for what we wanted in a house. Also Tom’s previewing method worked very well.”

TRAVIS AND JILL SCOTT     12427 W. ARKANSAS AVE.     720-394-8804

“We enjoyed working with Tom because of his genuine, down-to-earth approach. He was very professional and we felt confident with his guidance throughout the process of selling our home.”

ANGEL TOBIN     8717 E. DRY CREEK RD. #1924     303-989-8379

“Tom does his best, works hard and is honest. Honesty is not a word to throw around lightly. He has an awesome work ethic and truly treats his clients as “clients for life”, not just for the transaction. We will always use Tom for our real estate needs and highly recommend him to others.”

ANNA BOUNDARANT     35 CODY ST.     303-237-7126

“Very thorough in explaining everything about selling my house. He knows the area and what the selling price should be. He had contacts with other brokers for buyers interested in my home. He had interested buyers within 24 hours after the sign went up and led to a contract. Tom is intelligent and would be aware of situations that need to be improved and he would follow up to obtain optimum results. He explained all that was coming up next with dealing with the sale.”


“Tom was very knowledgeable about all aspects of buying and selling a home. Tom gave tips and suggestions that were instrumental in selling our home in 8 days.”

CHRIS AND JEAN TIEMAN     1753 S. BEECH ST.     303-988-8587

“Tom is very experienced and has vast knowledge of the Green Mountain market. He allows input and then provides his expertise so that proper decisions are the result. Tom is friendly and courteous and works very well with other brokers and appraisers. He provides information about every step in the process and stays on of problems and addresses potential problems. We would highly recommend Tom.”


“Tom – you are the very best! Thank you so much for doing everything you said you would do! It has been the most pleasant mover we ever had. Use us for a referral any time.”

SUE TRUJILLO & GREG CONE     950 S. BRIARWOOD ST.     720-284-2787

“Tom contacted me frequently and helped us out every step of the way. We felt informed and always knew we had choices. Tom was very forthcoming with information. We didn’t feel he was just trying to make money off of us and rush us through the process. We felt he trying to save us money and make sure we would be happy with such an important transaction We are first-time buyers and deciding on which home to purchase has been the biggest decision we’ve ever had to make. We will contact Tom again when we buy our next home.”

SCOTT AND DEBBIE GILES     14010 W. AMHERST AVE.     303-988-7842

“Tom was very professional and nice. He explained everything and made us feel comfortable every step of the way. He did great, had the right materials and was very successful.”

VICKIE MONROE     6566 S. JACKSON CT     303-986-3525

“Tom is very eager to please. He is willing to work with his clients so that every aspect of buying and selling a home is understood.”

EVELYN & RICHARD HARDY     14148 W. WARREN DR.     303-396-5579

“Thank you for your hard work and getting us to closing. You went way up and beyond the call of duty and your professionalism is above excellent!”

RICK AND SHIRLEY BRODE     4854 S. JELLISON ST.     303-989-3324

“As in our previous two dealings with Tom, he was easy to work with, listened to us, and was thorough in everything he did. We will use him if we ever buy or sell a house again.”

KIMBERLY ROSE     6634 S. GARLAND WY     720-891-7267

“Tom has helped me find and sell several homes. He is fair and easy to work with. He finds out what you like and gets out there to find the house. He comes in on off-hours to help find and sell your home.”

PAUL NOWAK     13774 W. AMHERST WY.     612-382-0221

“Tom was very knowledgeable about the home selling procedure. He was honest in assessing comparable homes and had a systematic approach in preparing the home for the market. He is very approachable and a good sense of humor.”

JACQUELINE RADLEY     9465 W. WESLEY AVE.     303-987-8669

“Super nice, organized, available, knowledgeable, gives 110% all the time. Willing to meet anytime, likes children. Can find the right house for anyone”.

TOM GABRIEL     14435 W. DARTMOUTH AVE.     303-905-5810

“Tom is a very knowledgeable realtor. He always kept me informed as to what was needed to be done as far as the next deadlines coming up.”

BONNIE DAFOE     1315 S. EATON ST.     720-933-9853

“This was my first home purchase and Tom explained everything to me. He is the consummate professional! He’s honest, real and down-to-earth. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Tom.

DESIREE LEWIS     10930 W. FLORIDA AVE.     303-345-4316

“Tom did everything to insure I found a place that I really wanted to live in. He is very respectful and really cares about other’s happiness. He jumped through hoops of fire for me. Tom is truly a good man. His honesty and integrity are hard to find anymore.”

TOM GABRIEL      3665 S. INDIANA ST.      303-985-5810

“Had worked with Tom on a previous sale and purchase. He is very knowledgable and personable. Thanks again for a great job!”

CHRISTA MOORE     868 S. REED CT     303-437-3060

“Tom is very resourceful and patient in solving problems. He is very knowledgeable in dealing with all the different aspects of buying a home and dealing with HOA’s.

ROGER VAN DOK     12125 W. OHIO PL.     303-425-6160

“First, Tom was very straight-forward and honest when we met. He didn’t attempt to win over our business by overselling himself. Second, he was timely and thorough in moving us through the process. He kept us informed throughout the process. Also, he provided sound advise.”

DAVID MCCAMMON     7309 W. HAMPDEN AVE. #5401     303-264-9102

“Gave good advice, was on top of things and kept me informed”.

 KURT AND JEANNE DESAUTEL     1618 S. VAN GORDON CT.     303-985-4070

"Tom was honest, good communicator, knowledgeable, easy to get a hold of. Always excellent resources for the process of what to expect."

 TERRY AND DIANNE LARSON     2370 S. ELLIS CT.    303-955-6189

"Tom was very timely in answering phone calls, emails, etc. I appreciated the fact that he had us take care of various things before the home went on the market. He was very honest and always did what he said he would do in a timely manner. He was very easy to talk to and a good listener."

 CHARLES BRACKNEY     14110 W. WARREN DR.     720-226-5887

"Tom is friendly, knowledeable and incredibly hard working. He not only handled all the details surrounding the sale of my home, but also helped with many remodeling decisions to bring my home up to sale condition. He made all the right decisions during the listing and price negotiation phase of the home sale."

 SUSAN JACKSON     2510 S. LOWELL BLVD.     30-513-5615

"Tom was very calm and clear with options. He looked at all the options. I did not feel like I was getting a "sales job."


"Tom stays on top of all the details, kept me informed at all times and explained every detail to perfection. He's also fun."   

 BILL KINSELLA    5350 S. JAY CR.    303-794-4686

"Tom was very easy to work with and really knows the market."

 JODI NISSEN    2815 S. DEFRAME CT.    303-514-7066

"Tom was straight-forward regarding what was happening with my purchase and he was very sincere. I was blessed to have found him and have him be my agent."

 WANDA COOLEY    2527 S. COORS ST.    303-842-7917

"Tom gave candid feedback, great advice and his communication was spot-on - timely and thorough. He was very professional and always a step or two ahead!"

 RON & CHERYL CLAMP    2517 S. ELDRIDGE CT.    303-249-5742

"Tom was very detailed and calm and explained the steps of selling real estate very well. he listened to our concerns and had a sense of humor. He was an expert in contract negotiations. We would definitely use him again!"

 CAROL MOODY    8338 S. INDEPENDENCE CR.    303-887-5448

"Tom was very easy to get on the phone and talk when needed. I liked that we saw many properties so I could narrow down what I liked."

 ANGEL AND JIM TOBIN      8779 W. CORNELL AVE #3     970-443-2916

“We have worked with Tom many times throughout the years in selling and purchasing our new homes. We like working with him because he knows his business when it comes to logistics. It can be an overwhelming process, but Tom makes you feel at ease and is efficient at getting done what needs to get done. We will work with him and his referrals again in the future.”

FRANK PEREZ     2183 S. ELDRIDGE ST     303-589-0414

“You did a great job and we appreciated your attention to detail. In the end its largely about results and I feel we got a fair price and the house sold quickly, largely due to your efforts. For this I am thankful and I won’t hesitate to send prospective clients your way.”

ALLISON THOMASON      13190 W. ASBURY CR & 11165 W. MONTANA PL.          303-986-7049

“Tom is always very thorough in explaining all the facets of the buying and selling process. I also really like the automated viewing notification system when selling a home.”

JASON AND KAYLEE DERRA     12598 W. ARIZONA PL.     402-871-4273

“Tom was available night and day. Very flexible in working with us and our crazy work schedules. Tom gave us great ideas when looking at homes. He did not pressure us at all. We would recommend Tom to anyone looking for a home. If we ever move again, we will definitely call Tom.

TOM AND DOLORES HAYES      1876 S. URBAN WY.      308-675-2486

“Tom was very thorough in explaining the selling process. He walked us through all the paperwork. He did a great job of presenting our house on the internet.

CONRAD AND ALMA GREEN      12028 W. MEXICO AVE.      303-654-0032

“Tom was calm and informative. Gave good advice and was very helpful in the whole process.”

JOHN AND GAIL BREECE 9690 BRENTWOOD WY.        303-941-1663

“Tom sent us emails on a regular basis to explain key dates during the sales process. Tom then followed up those emails with a phone call to make sure we understood these milestones and make sure we knew what was required of us and the buyer. We are selling another home this summer and will definitely use Tom for that transaction.”

LOU FOGLIA 13683 W. AMHERST PL. 505-980-7877
“No pressure, easy to get along with, understood my needs, professional all the way, very knowledgeable and did an outstanding job.”

STEVE AND TERRI SCHRABER    261 YOUNGFIELD DR.        309-370-3507
“Tom was professional, knowledgeable about the region, considerate of buyer’s preferences, great follow-up and deadline management.”

JOHN AND GAIL BREECE 6566 W. IOWA DR. 303-910-2878

“Not only did Tom sell our properties in record time (the first in less than 4 days and the second in less than 2), he was able to communicate all the steps in the process to us quickly. Tom does his homework when it comes to reviewing comps which helped us sell at the best possible price!